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How Do Skin Whitening Products Work WHITENING WHITENINGThe market of skin whitening products is ever- increasing. Nowadays, men and women both crave for fairer skin. Everyone wants to camouflage the shortcomings of their appearance and want to look the best every time they are in public. Skin whitening products can be used to get rid of skin problems like age spots, birthmarks, moles, scars, pigmentation, discoloration etc. However, one should be aware of the appropriate way of using a skin whitening product so that maximum benefits can be availed.

First let us understand how a skin whitening products works. The skin color of one person varies from another because of the presence of a pigment called melanin. The production of melanin is simulated by enzyme Tyrosinase. Dark complexioned people have a higher concentration of melanin as compared to fair complexioned people. Skin whitening product inhibits Tyrosinase thereby limiting the production of melanin.

Choosing the right product for your skin tone: There are many skin whitening products available in the market. Each product looks promising and appeals to the eye. However, choosing the right one can be a tedious task. A wrong product can result in a waste of money, time and efforts.

Application of sunscreen: It is always recommended that usage of skin whitening products should be coupled with application of sunscreens. A sunscreen containing sun protection factor of 30 or more should be applied thirty minutes before being exposed to the sun. Sun's ultraviolet rays can cause tanning and sun burns. The product needs to be applied all over the face and neck region and should be properly blended.

Apart from the above, one should also follow a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet consisting of fiber rich food, fruits and vegetables goes a long way in eliminating toxins. Drinking at least two liters of water every day also helps in flushing out toxins from the body. A regular workout regime helps in enhancing blood circulation. If all of the above is strictly followed then one can get fairer looking skin he/she had always dreamt of!

With so many cosmetic products available to buy, how can you know which is best? This is especially true for Skin Whitening products where most consumers are unaware of what it is that makes their skin lighter and brighter. The skin tone is influenced to a large extent by melanin and its reaction to internal and external influences such as hormones and ultraviolet light. The less melanin production within the skin, the lighter the skin tone will become. Some skin lightening products suppress the production of melanin and help to provide a more even skin tone. The Sensi-Light range of skin care products are suitable for longer term use and over time will improve the condition of your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated. Smooth and clear skin does not happen overnight so once you have chosen a cosmetic system, stick with it! Nobody can have light skin over night. Any product that claims to do so will probably contain substances that are unfit for human use.

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