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What An Alkaline Diet Can Do For You

What An Alkaline Diet Can Do For You

An alkaline diet is a nutritional plan that emphasizes fresh fruit, vegetables, tubers, nuts, roots and legumes as the main food source. An alkalizing diet is often called a raw food diet or a detox diet. This type of eating plan has become very popular as we have come to realize the incredible health benefits of certain types of raw foods.

Enjoying a diet high in alkaline food helps to keep the acidic levels in the body down. You can easily check your PH by using a PH strip first thing in the morning. PH levels below 7 is considered acidic and is detrimental to your health. A PH level of 7.3 to 7.45 is considered ideal for good health.

So why should you even care about this? Alkalizing is so important because the cells of the body function best in a slightly alkaline environment, while dangerous organisms such as cancers thrive in an acidic environment. Studies show that cancer cells are destroyed in a matter of hours when a body reaches a PH balance of 8.0!

The leading cause of osteoporosis? You guessed it, high acidic levels in the body usually caused by eating too much meat.

Foods that contribute to an acidic environment in the body include: dairy, meats, sugary snacks, caffeine, soda and processed foods. These are the types of foods most of usually eat throughout day, every day.

The best way to ensure you are enjoying a healthy, non-acidic diet is by getting most of your nutrition from fresh, live, organic foods. Spend at least two weeks eating nothing but high alkaline food, and then slowly begin to add back other foods and you will instantly see which foods work for you and which foods work against you. This type of eating is commonly called a detox diet because it flushes the acidic toxins out of the body.

Some great foods to enjoy during your detox include: avocado, cabbage, celery, dandelion, karmut grass, lettuce, sprouted radish, alfalfa grass, barley grass, cayenne pepper, cucumber, beans and so much more.

Foods that are very acidic and should be avoided include: beer, cheese, eggs, ketchup, pork, veal, white bread, ocean fish, liquor, pistachios and artificial sweeteners just to name a few.

Most people enjoy a miraculous shift in how the look and feel after only a few days on this type of diet plan. Raw food alkalizing diets are also great because food preparation is quick and easy; not to mention there is an endless variety of what you can enjoy on this type of diet.
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