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1 Day Diet Plan

Green coffee bean extract is well known for its ability to assist people to lose weight, and according to scientists, it is the Chlorogenic acid in raw coffee that is the key to faster weight loss. In the normal coffee we drink, the beans are roasted at 475 ° F, which destroys the Chlorogenic acid which is a power antioxidant. Scientists maintain that this antioxidant slows the release of glucose into the body after a meal. It should be mentioned this study used GCA which contains 50% Chlorogenic acid.

Happily it appears there are other benefits derived from this wonderful extract.

But how does Green Coffee Bean Extract affect blood pressure?
Scientists believe chlorogenic acid contained in the extract, may also assist people with slightly elevated blood pressure, by actually lowering blood pressure.

A 2005 study reported in the Hypertension Research journal, studied 117 men, with mildly high pressure counts, received either a pure green coffee extract supplement or a placebo every day for 28 days. At the end of the 28 day period, the men who had taken the extract showed a significant decrease in pressure compared to the men who received the placebo. Such findings are prompting further research to discover if raw coffee may assist people with hypertension, or abnormal pressure counts, in addition to weight loss.

Does the caffeine in green coffee affect hypertension?
According to Mayo clinic.com caffeine has the potential to cause short, but dramatic increases in blood pressure. But several strong antioxidants containing polyphenols from raw coffee are increasingly being investigated for general health benefits. And, current research suggests there are no negative side effects from the raw coffee for high blood pressure in the long term.

The caffeine content of green coffee bean extract is only 20% of the caffeine present in roasted beans. A regular cappuccino has about 100mg of caffeine, while a 400 mg capsule of Green Coffee Bean Max with GCA ® has only 20mg of caffeine.

While the raw coffee bean supplement has been proven to help lose weight, people who are concerned about their blood pressure should consult a medical doctor before using this product, and keep regular checks on their blood pressure while using this supplement. While adults with some medical conditions may be negatively effected by the caffeine content in green coffee beans, the negative side effects of consuming the supplement appears to be rare for normal healthy adults.

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