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The Importance of Skincare During the Winter

Skin care experts show increased worries about the effect that the elements can have winter because regardless of how the sun is visible , UV rays can lead to the production of unstable molecules in our skin called ' free radicals ' to improve , and they will be more overtime tissue damage our skin and inhibit the release of the body's natural collagen , thus modifying the DNA of our skin . This causes many harmful effects , because the skin will be left hydrated and healthy would not only lead to blemishes such as wrinkles , but it can even lead to a form of skin cancer is being developed as well .

Winter weather can also be irritating skin problems that exist such as rashes, acne and sores . Those who suffer from allergies are also more susceptible to skin outbreaks during the winter and unhealthy skin is more susceptible to disease and infection . Skin will also be more likely to be injured if an injury is sustained due to the damaging effects resulting from abrupt transition to a colder climate after the summer months warm . One way to help to avoid this effect is to keep our skin hydrated all the time to drink water consistently throughout our daily lives . Eat a balanced diet that contains vitamins and minerals is also an effective method to maintain healthy skin by flushing out harmful toxins that our body can take .

Although there is no definite answer how much sunlight will damage our skin due to the fact that different people tolerate different levels of sunlight because their skin pigment and colourisation , there are recognized ways to ensure universal skin will remain healthy as possible under UV light during the winter .

The most effective way to maintain healthy skin from cosmetic point of view is to regularly cleanse and moisturize our skin because since the skin is in a constant state of growth with the old cells die and new ones developed , it is important to wash away the top layer of dead cells skin cells . This will not only generate fresh cells are produced , but also will increase the blood flow circulation to help create regular releases of healthy cells .

It's also worth remembering that our skin is constantly evolving and as it needs to be nurtured with natural ingredients to stay healthy for further growth . Using skin creams that contain enhancer elements specifically designed to naturally enhance skin tone will help achieve both healthier skin both medically and in terms of appearance . This is due to a material containing cells that help recovery .

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