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Are You Worried About Hair Loss?

Are You Worried About Hair Loss?

If you are worried about hair loss you are not alone. In fact, I felt the same way over a decade ago and can totally relate. The good news, for me at least, is I was able to halt and then reverse my hair loss after a few years of costly trial and error. The bad news for you is that there is a great deal of misleading information out there combined with false hope promises that can leave the rapidly balding man or woman with nothing but a shower drain filled with scalp hair and an empty wallet.

Note: There is also the concern that after years of failed searching the amount of hair lost may have become so great that hair transplant surgery could be the only realistic option.

In this article I will do my best to provide individuals who are worried about losing their hair with at least some actionable information they can use to halt, and possibly reverse, the balding they are experiencing. So on that note why don't we get started.

First, minoxidil infused products may not be the answer. While we typically think modern medicine has all the answers when it comes to reversing hair loss this is simply not the case. According to information straight out of the popular minoxidil infused product information packet these products are not intended for frontal baldness or a receding hairline. The very next paragraph is adjacent to a few diagrams and states that if the hair loss is significant (the diagrams are showing about 2 percent scalp balding) these types of products may not work. Additionally, new hair re-growth will only be achieved in one out of ten instances.

What does all this mean?

What it means is that pharmaceutical grade products sold for hair loss and hair re-growth may not produce very good results for the vast majority of those trying to reverse balding or thinning hair.

So where do I go from here?

Understanding the crux of the problem is perhaps the most important aspect in effectively treating the most common types of balding and thinning hair. This of course is male or female pattern balding and the root cause of these two similar conditions is the unwanted accumulation of the androgen hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on tens of thousands of hair follicle located just below the scalp line.

If you cannot block, or at least slow, the production of DHT you will be fighting a losing battle over time. You should also know that if you have any bald areas already these areas are made up of thousands of dead hair follicles. Growing decent looking hair here will be a lot like trying to grow a garden in the middle of a desert. Needless to say this will not be an easy task requiring just the right combination of product ingredients and tenacity.

How can I block DHT?

There are a number of herbal or homeopathic remedies in this area of health and beauty that work pretty well. Most contain at least one of the following ingredients: saw palmetto, nettle root, kudzu extract, the Chinese herb fo-ti, or the B vitamin biotin. My personal experience tells me that when any of these ingredients are used singularly the results are poor. On the other hand, when used in combination they can be quite effective.

Boost your result with a topical application?

Once again my experience tells me that not all topical application work but a good rule of thumb is to look for natural topical formulas containing chamomile essential oil, rosemary essential oil, sage essential oil, or possibly avocado oil. There are a few others as well such as peppermint oil and jojoba oil that are somewhat less effective but could be worth trying if everything else has failed. Additionally, tea tree oil has produced good results for some but it is somewhat harsh if not diluted, or washed out in less than a half hour. If you are planning to use pure tea tree oil on your scalp getting how-to advice from a certified herbalist could be worth considering.

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