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How to Look Younger in Minutes

How to Look Younger in Minutes

Botox has become a very popular way for people to look younger simply because it is a collagen filler. Essentially this means that it will fill in all of the wrinkles and fine lines so that they don't cause a person to look or feel older. The filler is injected into the areas of the face that are in need of "a little work" so that it can go and do its job.

You don't have to go under the knife to look younger. Under the knife, they are actually cutting away the loose skin and pulling it tighter. This means you have to go under anesthesia and you may end up with scarring - though the scarring usually isn't visible. Any time there is surgery, however, there is down time due to the time that it takes to recover.

This isn't something to worry about with Botox because it's all done without any kind of surgery. The doctor will simply use a needle to inject the Botox into an area of your face to plump up the loose skin instead of removing it. While you may look a little puffy for a day or two because of the injection, it will settle in and then you will be able to look at a new you in the mirror.

When you schedule your appointment for this dermal filler, you can make the appointment at any time. You can even choose to have the injection on your lunch break. This demonstrates just how little down time there is. You go in, get the injection, and you leave. It's that simple because that's what modern science has allowed. No one has to get surgery anymore in order to look younger.

The good news is that you will be able to take years off of your face. If you have crow's feet near your eyes or frown lines by your mouth, it may affect your appearance and even your self-esteem. If you are 40 but look like you are 50 or 60, that's not going to make you feel very good. You can use moisturizer and other things that are anti-aging, but often that prevents you from gaining more wrinkles - it's not doing anything to turn back the clock on what has already happened.

The easiest solution is to look into a Botox injection. Depending upon how deep the wrinkles are, you may need more than one injection and this is normal. Once you have the injection, you can turn back the clock and start leading a happier life because you look your age - or look even younger than your real age. This can boost your self-esteem tremendously - and it only takes a few minutes for the injection.

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