Senin, 21 Oktober 2013

Why the Fat Burning Diet is the Best Weight Loss Solution

Most popular diets fail because you end up feeling restricted, starved or fatigued. For example the typical no carb diet is torture on your metabolism; the lack of good carbohydrates causes low energy, a spaced out feeling and even constipation.

Restricted calorie diets are just as bad because starving yourself will signal your body to hang on to every fat cell it can. Lack of calories will actually cause your metabolism to slow down and hold on to fat cells as it is gets ready for what your metabolism thinks is a long term famine.

The problem is simply when you starve the body it's internal thermostat is set so low that no fat cells are burned and everything you eat gets converted to fat. You need to keep the internal thermostat turned up so you are naturally burning fat...round the clock.

If you are eating simple carbs and junk food, your body will convert the sugar and carbs into glucose first and never touch the fat stores. This is how we become fat not realizing how much useless sugar and carbohydrate we consume; some glucose gets burned for energy and the rest is stored as fat. And of course the cycle continues.

So feed your body...the best fat burn diet will include a good mixture of lean proteins, complex carbs, and plenty of good fats. When you eat a high protein diet with the proper fats your body actually opens up the fat stores and converts them into usable energy in the form of glucose to fuel the body. You're body is efficiently burning fat at this point. The fat burn diet effectively releases fat cells for energy, so you lose weight fast.

So why not educate yourself and actually learn how to burn 7 pounds of fat in one week through education and applied diet principles? It's not that difficult. If you're not sure where to start watch this free fat burn video and receive an amazing amount of free information.

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